Born in Paris, Elisa Fiasca started her artistic path at Paris VIII with a Masters in Art Plastiques.
This opened the door to a performance en 1985 at the International Exhibition Space in Paris, being the first of numerous personal and group exhibitions.

Elisa’s work since 2002 has explored The Feminine in the most intimate sense, with a mix of perception, rage and humour. Body parts deconstructed – compartmentalised. One body part to express everything on the feminine condition.
In these works, there are elements concerning all states of being a woman. Our nurturing and servicing, our limits and losses. Our joys and pleasures, our deep richness, our immense possibilities, our serenity and wisdom.
They include also, elements of the endemic and perpetual violence against us.
When oppressed by insidious or flagrant violence and  sexism, opposition is born. A vital surge for survival. Our muted and scorned identities are alerted and honoured with the manifestation of pure creation and creativity. These works are a call to revolt. A plea for liberation, liberation of the desires, richness and strengths of each and every woman.
Sylviane Jacquinot (traduction Lynne Bon de Veire) …………………………………………….Crédit Photo : Michel Bardet

Among the lasts personal exhibitions (about twenty) :
“Espace Roseau” festival Off, Avignon (84)
“Galerie Panorama”, Varsovie, Pologne

Among about sixty collective exhibitions :
“Unesco”, Paris
“National Art Gallery ” – Ulaan-Bataar – Mongolie

Among about ten installations :
“Human rights also grant with the feminine”, Caen et Falaise (14)
“Chemin d’Iris”, Alençon (61)

Among the lasts ten performances :
“Elle ne fait pas dans la dentelle”, La Perrière (61)
“Artistic baptism”, Droisy (27)